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From Peter’s Players

“In my mind he's the best technical coach out there"
Lleyton Hewitt - Former World No. 1, US Open and Wimbledon Champion

"There is a great argument to say that Peter Smith has had more influence than any coach in Australia in the past two decades in terms of producing world class players"
John Fitzgerald - Former World No.1 (doubles), current Australian Davis Cup Captain

“Every time I got on the court with Peter you worked as hard as you possibly could - he always installed a great work ethic”
Darren Cahill - Coach to Andre Agassi

“He really was an understudy to Peter Smith - he saw his method of coaching and I’m sure he followed a lot of that”
Bob Carter - talking about the coaching achievements of his son the late Peter Carter Former ATP player, coach to Roger Federer (12 – 18 yrs). Former Swiss Davis Cup Captain

Customer comments

Virtually flawless coaching!

"I can’t praise this app highly enough. It was just what I was looking for and it shows how useful having such valuable advice at hand can be. I am a novice tennis player and need all the help I can get but knowing that I can refer to the Virtual Tennis Coach at any time is a great confidence booster.

The user interface is so clean and intuitive. The videos are really clear and focussed and you know that they are coming from an expert - not only in tennis but in coaching.

The App has reinvigorated my enthusiasm for improving my game. Superb!"
Steve, Wales

"Hi Matt, Many thanks for alerting me to your new App. It looks great, and I will let as many coaches in Ireland as I can know about it. All the best,"
Peter, Ireland

Fantastic - Great Video Tennis Coaching App. 5 stars!!!

"I downloaded this tennis coaching App just to see what it was like - it's free after all :)

It's no surprise that Peter has had such success with his players. His teaching style is clear and concise - leaving you with a good understanding of the stroke / tactic being taught. There’s no jargon here - just a straight talking Australian!

The lessons are well put together, and excellent quality. Slow motion and text is used sparingly at appropriate times to emphasise the main teaching points. The only downside I can find is that you need a WIFI connection to initially download the video - it wouldn't work over a 3G connection.

5 stars - all I need to do now is find more time to practice!"
Matlar, UK

"Hi Matt, great app. Cheers, "
Iain, USA

"Just started to play tennis, downloaded videos. Now I take it to my local club and watch the videos before I play.

I’ve had no formal instruction, even the club coach is amazed at my progress, little does he know I’ve got a world class coach teaching me!!!

I’d really like to give this app 6 stars!!!"

"Matt, I got all the videos downloaded and working. I think the videos are great. After video has downloaded it looks like it is best to get completely out of the program then open Again. It requires quitting the program in multi-tasking. Just my thought. Love the videos for my kids. "
Charles, USA

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World class tennis coaching lessons on iPhone App / DVD / Download from Peter Smith, Lleyton Hewitt's tennis coach from age 6 - World No.1. Peter's unique tennis training and free tennis tips now available.